From the moment I met Laura, I knew that I wanted her to be my doula. In our initial conversation, she immediately made me feel at ease, and I left the meeting with a sense of peace and empowerment. Throughout my prenatal journey, Laura was supportive as I faced some difficult decisions, and she provided wisdom and perspective to me during a time in which I was overwhelmed by my emotions. In the days leading up to my son’s birth, Laura fielded all of my many questions, and on the day of his delivery, I felt reassured knowing that she was going to do everything possible to help me have the experience I had envisioned. I loved everything about the way Laura supported both myself and my husband through our experience. She was hands-on when she needed to be; I especially loved her use of essential oils! She also took a step back in the moments when she knew I was in the zone and needed to just hold my husband’s hand. After Julian’s birth, her postpartum visit to my home was so helpful and uplifting–a time to reflect on our journey together and also a time to ask the million questions I had! Having Laura walk alongside me during my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum days was a joy and a blessing!” – Brittani


Since my hospital birth was a bit traumatic for me, I knew I needed someone extra special for this to be my healing home birth. Laura caught my eye because I felt like she was a doula because she genuinely loved it, and she was religious (which was important for me). The birth was so hard, much harder than I expected, and Laura was Amazing! Her support and help was invaluable. Everyone on the birth team, including my husband, commented on how vital her presence was. Laura brought so many different things to the birth that helped me cope and helped my husband support me. My favorite was the fact that she got me moving around and coached me through it all. My husband was great, but Laura talked us through lunges, walking, and standing squats – we would not have known how or when to do it ourselves. Her aftercare was really important, too, as it helped me process the birth after it happened.” – Justine


When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted a natural birth. As I prepared for a natural birth, I knew that having a doula present would help me to achieve my goal. My husband and I met Laura and immediately knew that we would all work well together in bringing my baby into the world. Laura was invaluable to our birthing experience. She knew when to jump in to help and when to let my husband coach me through contractions. During the hardest part of labor I remember hearing Laura say, ‘You can do this. You were made to do this.’ The day after giving birth my husband told me that we had made a great decision by having Laura be our doula. She has become more than a doula to us – she has become a special friend to our family.” – Ashley


I don’t even know where to begin to describe the blessing Laura was to me and my husband during the birth of our daughter. I knew very little about doulas and the help and support they provide for laboring women. My experience would’ve been so different without her support and expertise.

While laboring, Laura knew exactly what to do to help me move through each contraction with peace of mind and encouragement. I truly felt she believed in me to make it through the process of labor and bring my sweet baby girl into the world. I found one of Laura’s greatest strengths as a doula to be her gentle, calming tone and encouragement while I  journeyed through each contraction. She never once seemed tired or worn out from my screaming and discomfort. She was completely invested the entire time, despite her lack of sleep the night prior. Laura’s words of encouragement and techniques provided me with so much confidence and support.

I can’t even imagine what my birthing experience would’ve been like without her. She was a tremendous blessing for our family during this beautiful experience! Thanks to Laura and this positive laboring experience, I am excited for my next birth, which speaks volumes given that giving birth was my greatest fear in life!” – Rachel

lia marie

We can’t recommend having a doula enough and can’t begin to think of how to improve the experience Laura contributed to.” – Laura C.

Every time I was at the bedside, Laura was actively supporting the mother in a fantastic and remarkable way. Great job!” – Amy L., RNC-OB